Elon Musk wants to make this long-awaited feature free

Elon Musk hasn’t stopped talking about him since his arrival at the head of Twitter. His latest idea is to make the “edit” function free and accessible to all users.

Elon Musk’s new toy, Twitter is about to experience a real revolution. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX has a lot of ideas for the social network, such as setting up an 8 dollar subscription for certified accounts. Very active on the platform, he freely discusses his ideas as celebrities or business leaders rarely do, justifying his “troll” status. The richest man in the world also has plans behind the scenes and is thinking of making the Twitter “edit” function accessible to all users.

Long awaited by Twitter followers, the “editing” function finally made its appearance at the beginning of the month. Promised by the platform for a month, it is reserved for a handful of users who have opted for the $4.99 Blue subscription. The latter must soon evolve and Twitter has confirmed that the editing function is still in the test phase. Elon Musk seems ready to accelerate its deployment and you don’t have to wait very long.

The “edit” function available for everyone this week?

According to information from Bloomberg, the edit function will be open to all users this week. A change of course for Twitter as users have been demanding Tweet editing since the platform’s inception. In April 2022, Elon Musk had also asked his followers if they wanted an edit button. The poll garnered over 4.4 million votes and 73.6% of voters said “ysis” [oui, NDLR].

This novelty could accompany the deployment of the new version of Twitter Blue. After mentioning a price of 20 dollars per month, Elon Musk ensures that the subscription will cost 8 dollars per month. It will provide access to the famous blue certification badge, as well as certain advantages such as priority responses or the possibility of publishing long-term videos and audio files. The formula must also reduce the number of advertisements.

This new Twitter Blue would arrive from November 7. The team in charge of the project would also work twice as hard, after having been threatened with being fired if she does not meet this deadline. An employee would have slept at his desk to achieve this objective, specifies The Verge. Elon Musk is already preparing to lay off many employees. This would concern half of the workforce of the social network.

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