Elon Musk will speak to Twitter employees on Thursday

Elon Musk will address Twitter employees on Thursday, June 16. Parag Agrawal, CEO of the social network would have confirmed it by an email intended for the personnel and consulted by Reuters.

This is the first time that Elon Musk will address Twitter employees since he formalized his desire to buy the social network for 44 billion dollars on April 25. He will speak at a virtual general meeting of the company.

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Elon Musk with sunglasses.
Elon Musk expected to complete Twitter takeover on time

The questions that will be asked of him are likely to be numerous. According Business Insidershe would cover topics and questions that have been raised over the past few weeks ยป. Leslie Berland, head of marketing and human relations at Twitter, will relay the questions of his colleagues.

As soon as the announcement of the takeover of the social network, many took the news very badly. Reuters recalls that Parag Agrawal had to organize a meeting with all the employees in April.

The profile of Elon Musk worries at Twitter

They feared, for some of them, the unpredictable behavior of Elon Musk and its consequences for the stability of the activities and finances of the company. They also feared a wave of departure to compensate. Since then, we have to admit that the CEO of Tesla has not denied them.

He publicly attacked an employee of the company, via his account, one of the most followed on the planet, multiplied half-trollsque, half-real projects for the future of Twitter, criticized the working remotely within the company, argued with Twitter’s legal department, destabilized Tesla’s stock by seeking to raise the necessary sum for the takeover, before freezing the operation in May to renegotiate the price.

Since early June, Elon Musk has accused Twitter of hiding information about fake accounts and bots on the platform. His lawyers asked to have access to it under pain of denouncing the signed takeover agreement. Twitter eventually gave in.

Elon Musk’s speech to employees demonstrates that the interest of the richest man on the planet for his favorite social network is real and that the takeover is still being considered.

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