Elon Musk wouldn’t rule out making all Twitter paid

This sounds like a worst-case scenario for followers of the white bird platformer. According to information from the American site The Verge, Elon Musk reportedly discussed the possibility of making access to Twitter chargeable for all users. A radical option that would be motivated by taking into account one of the unexpected side effects of the implementation of the new Twitter Blue subscription, which could take place on November 9 in the first markets.

In addition to account certification, this formula billed at 7.99 dollars monthly provides for halve subscriber exposure to ads. The specialized site explains that Twitter employees would have demonstrated to Elon Musk that the subscription would not in fact be viable. By some estimates, Twitter was losing up to $6 in advertising revenue per user by making this change. Added to the commissions charged by Apple and Google on subscriptions, the company would ultimately lose money with such an offer.

As a result, the new boss would not rule out a larger overhaul by charging all users for access to the platform. The track was reportedly brought up in internal discussions, according to The Verge. Free access may first be offered for a limited period before a subscription is required to continue using the service. Twitter has not commented on this possibility, which however would not be the most imminent, wants to believe The Vergethe company’s teams being mainly occupied by the launch of the new version of Twitter Blue.

Elon Musk’s first project at the head of Twitter is the monetization of the platform. The dismissal of half the workforce and the various measures mentioned since its takeover are all dictated by the desire to get the company back on track. At the last score, the company showed losses of 270 billion dollars. The billionaire must also deal with the fall in the advertising market which affects all social networks in the context of inflation. The issue is important. According to the documents transmitted to the policeman of the American Stock Exchange, part of the 13 billion dollars borrowed by Elon Musk to complete the acquisition of the platform will have to be reimbursed by the profits made by the latter.

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