Elon Musk’s father boasts of killing three men

The father of billionaire Elon Musk seems to take a liking to being talked about. This time, Errol Musk boasted in an interview that he single-handedly killed three men who broke into his home.

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The way the septuagenarian reports the events of 1998 in South Africa seems straight out of a Hollywood action movie, according to TMZ.

Seven individuals broke into Musk’s property while he was there with his daughter Ali, who was 6 at the time. The little one was in her bath.

Musk told the Sun that immediately the gang fired on him and he miraculously dodged all the bullets. Then he retired to a room to grab his .357 Magnum.

His very first shot went through an intruder’s head and the shrapnel entered another man’s chest, killing them both, he said.

The other suspects took to their heels, but Errol Musk claims to have managed to kill a third in a hallway.

Having heard the shots, little Ali, who was not injured, came out of the bathroom and clung to her father’s legs.

Errol Musk claims he has been acquitted of the manslaughter charges against him.

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