Elon Musk’s mother poses in a swimsuit for the cover of “Sports Illustrated”, a first for a septuagenarian

Model Maye Musk became the first septuagenarian to appear on the cover of the American weekly on Monday. Sports Illustrated on the occasion of the publication of its 2022 swimwear edition, reports The Huffington Post. In the photo taken by artist Yu Tsai in Belize, the mother of entrepreneur Elon Musk appears with an ocher and beige one-piece swimsuit and golden earrings representing palm trees.

On his Instagram account, Maye Musk, 74, celebrated this cover. “If I had thought that I could one day be a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated, people would have called me crazy,” she wrote. The model has already resumed her career for several years. “I want to show women that you can be very beautiful at any age,” she said.

“The most fearless woman I have ever known”

On the occasion of this front page, MJ Day, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, also spoke. “In this issue, we encourage readers to see these role models as we see them: multi-faceted, multi-talented,” she said. In the other Unes of this issue, we find Kim Kardashian, the singer Ciara or the model and musician Yumi Nu.

The Sports Illustrated site also gave the floor to Maye Musk’s daughter, filmmaker Tosca Musk. “She’s an uncontrollable force and she’s the most fearless woman I’ve ever known,” she said.

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