Elon Musk’s new Twitter is the worst idea, Kanye West proves it!

News hardware Elon Musk’s new Twitter is the worst idea, Kanye West proves it!

Within 24 hours, Kanye West, rapper and entrepreneur, was banned from both Instagram and Twitter for making anti-Semitic comments. A situation that did not fail to react Elon Musk, fervent defender of freedom of expression on Twitter.

It does not matter whether you are anonymous or a celebrity, today, making provocative, degrading or hateful remarks on social networks leads, most of the time, quick deactivation of the associated account. And all this is without counting the possible lawsuits.

If Kanye West is not there yet, today, the highly maligned businessman is deprived of both his Instagram account and his Twitter account. The first was seen deactivated due to antisemitic remarksheld in a telephone conversation between Kanye West and the P. Diddy report. The penalty quickly fell.

Kanye West fired from Instagram, then from Twitter

Excluded from Instagram, Kanye West then fell back on Twitterwhere he had not posted a message since November 4, 2020. The tweet of his return is a provocation aimed at Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Meta, which owns Instagram. But if this publication was noticed, it is also because Elon Musk replied to it: “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend! »posted the boss of Tesla, who is back in the race to afford Twitter.

Kanye West then multiplied the provocations, until he published the tweet too many : an anti-Semitic message immediately deleted by Twitter. Since October 9, the rapper-provocateur has not published anything, although his Twitter account is still online.

Twitter adrift, the future according to Elon Musk?

If Elon Musk immediately welcomed Kanye West’s approach to turning to Twitter after his Instagram ban, it’s not because the SpaceX boss approves of “Ye’s” speech: it’s above all becausehe considers that Twitter should be a space for free expressionwhere other social networks do not hesitate to quickly sanction serious remarks.

Luckily for everyone, Twitter sanctioned Kanye West for tweeting too much. But will this always be the case? On October 4, after going back on his word, Elon Musk finally decided to finalize the agreement related to the takeover of Twitter, signed last April. The billionaire therefore says he is ready to acquire the social network for around 43 billion dollars.

Should this transaction come to an end, it is quite possible that Elon Musk decides to open the floodgates of free expression on Twitter, even if it means allowing comments like those made by Kanye West to become the daily newspaper of the social network, all without closing an account. It’s hard to imagine that Twitter would emerge from such a situation, but it may not be the goal of the richest troll in the world. As for Kanye West, he will now have to look for a new social network to communicate… Tik Tok, perhaps?

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