Energy prices, motion of censure, Elon Musk…Here are the 5 facts you will hear about tomorrow

6:30 p.m., October 27, 2022, amended to 6:35 p.m., October 27, 2022

1- La France insoumise solo on the third motion of censure

The deputies of La France insoumise (LFI) must table this Thursday evening a third motion of censure against the government, after the activation, the day before, of a third 49-3 by the executive, on the financing bill Social Security (PLFSS). While LFI had so far stood united with its Nupes allies, by filing two joint motions, the latter will be in its own name.

Already on Wednesday evening, socialists, ecologists and communists had expressed their reservations. They feared that a systematization of the motion of censure does not lead to a form of trivialization ” some exercice. If the Communists have announced that they will still vote for the motion – which will probably be examined on Monday or Wednesday – environmentalists and socialists will decide on their position in the coming days. Grinning comment from a PS deputy: “ The strategy of the rebellious, it is the rider alone, whose act. The same to conclude in flowery language: “ I wish it had happened otherwise. They put us in the shit. »

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2- Firefighting: Emmanuel Macron announces measures

Firefighters, mayors, helicopter pilots, volunteers… The President of the Republic will bring together some 300 civil society actors at the Élysée on Friday, a commitment made in August in Gironde, a department plagued by intense forest fires this summer. . Emmanuel Macron had then requested feedback and called for ” change the software “. Some announcements ” many are expected, indicates the Elysée. The objective: to modernize and transform over several years the civil security model “, in order to make it “ more efficient and participatory “. Means implemented to fight against fires (the “ capacity “), forest management policy, status of volunteer firefighters… The National Federation of Firefighters of France (FNSP) is waiting ” a major turning point in strengthening our civil security model and preparing our country’s response to the challenge of climate changeatic”.

3- A plan to help companies deal with the cost of energy

Faced with the energy crisis, the household protection measures decided by the government represent 100 billion euros over three years. The corporate tariff shield could rise to 10 billion this year.

In this context, which is already very heavy for public finances (dependence on oil, gas and electricity cost the State 85 billion euros in 2022), Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne will present a new plan on Friday. aimed primarily at SMEs, many of which have hitherto passed “ between the cracks “, according to representatives of branches, worried about the risk of bankruptcies. Small businesses will continue to be helped. For the older ones, the device should cushion the shock of the increases and “ guarantee a reasonable price “, announced Wednesday evening the President of the Republic during his television interview.

Elisabeth Borne should detail on Friday the specificities of two distinct systems. The first is designed for VSEs “ energy guzzlers », SMEs and small local authorities; the second, for medium-sized companies (ETI) and large groups, with simplified criteria and an aid desk, allowing installments for those in greatest difficulty.

4 – Elon Musk should finally buy Twitter

The American billionaire Elon Musk is expected to finalize the purchase of the social network Twitter on Friday. This acquisition should put an end to a seven-month-long conflict between the boss of Tesla and the leaders of the platform. At the end of April, Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter for nearly 44 billion euros, but he finally retracted, accusing the social network of lying about the number of fake accounts registered. American justice then ordered Elon Musk to settle his differences before October 28 to avoid a trial.

But all the lights now seem to be green. This Thursday, on Twitter, the businessman undertook to conclude the acquisition with the bankers who finance it. On Wednesday, he also filmed himself entering the headquarters of Twitter. If the sale is effective, the manager has already announced that he wants to lay off 75% of the group’s employees and relax the moderation rules for content published on the network.

5 – Northern Ireland, first blow for Rishi Sunak?

Three days after his installation at 10 Downing Street, the head of the British government, Rishi Sunak, could face his first political storm on Friday. It is in Northern Ireland, where the unionists of the DUP have refused since February to join a government coalition, that these contrary winds are blowing. London has given until October 29 to the various parties that must compose the executive – the DUP, therefore, but also their opponents from Sinn Féin, a party in favor of joining the Republic of Ireland, which won the legislative elections in May. – to find a compromise. Otherwise, the Sunak government will announce early elections.

A last-minute meeting Thursday between local MPs failed to break the deadlock. No more than the visit, yesterday, of the British minister in charge of the file. At the origin of this crisis, the demand of the Unionists, attached to belonging to the United Kingdom, to repeal the famous Northern Irish protocol negotiated between London and Brussels at the time of Brexit. This establishes a special customs status for the province to avoid the return of a border with Eire. But for supporters of the union, it undermines the integrity of the country, with the de facto establishment of a customs border separating Ireland and the island of Great Britain.

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