England: Fifty teenagers sow chaos by looting a McDonald’s in Nottingham

Several dozen teenagers were filmed inside a McDonald’s in Nottingham ransacking the building and stealing food.

A group of about fifty teenagers was filmed this Sunday, August 21, inside a McDonald’s in Nottingham (England) ransacking the interior of the restaurant and stealing almost all of the food there. who was there. The staff would have been threatened and would have kept away, overwhelmed by the events and the too many young people to push out of the fast food restaurant.

According to Nottinghamshire County Police, around 20 youths decided to stay behind after ransacking the restaurant and swearing at the employees. According to them, these young people had decided to ransack another McDonald’s in the city, but they ended up dispersing at the last moment.

“We are treating this incident very seriously. It is a commercial robbery, the group having forced their way behind the counter of a business and stolen food and non-alcoholic beverages. It is totally unacceptable. No arrests have yet been made, but we will be working with the Clumber Street McDonald’s and carrying out CCTV investigations to find those responsible,” a police spokesperson said.

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