Exasperated by the noise of dogs, residents demand accountability from the Anima kennel in Challuy

The Anima refuge in Challuy overwhelms local residents. The word is weak, some would prefer to see the establishment close purely and simply. To try to reconcile everyone, the mayor of the town, Fabrice Berger, organized a meeting between the manager, Priscilla Legat and the residents, Thursday, September 1 in the town hall.

As soon as the meeting started, tempers flared. “Thank you all for coming to talk about this angry subject…”, launches the mayor in the introduction. Without having time to finish his sentence, he is interrupted. “Oh yes! He annoys this subject, ”says a local resident. The tone is set, this meeting promises to be long and difficult.

The local residents seem to want to do battle in a verbal contest with regard to Anima. In question, the barking of dogs which come to disturb their nights, their naps and summer meals. “It has been going on for 30 years. We can’t take it anymore. You only hear the dogs all the time. It’s unbearable,” laments a participant in the meeting.

We need a sound barrier! If she can’t afford a sound barrier, she closes the pension

Like him, most of the participants are retirees. As tempers flare and everyone has their own commentary, the mayor tries to introduce the manager who is taking the brunt of criticism on her own, desperately looking for help with her eyes.

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Under the barking this time of the residents, she ends up having the floor: “We bought speakers, we put music on them at night. They haven’t barked for 15 days. We are also going to plant hedges to absorb sounds…”

She is immediately cut off, “A sound barrier would have been better!”
“We don’t have the means…
– We do not have to know! It’s not our problem, we need a sound barrier! If she can’t afford an anti-sound wall, she should close the pension, ”insists a participant.

While Priscilla Legat tries to answer the questions of the residents, to which she always finds an answer, the opponents seem not to listen to her. The question comes from a man who has been more withdrawn since the beginning: “Why not lock up the dogs? Embarrassed, Priscilla Legat replies, “We can’t lock up the dogs before 11 p.m., it’s too hot. »

Would you rather mistreat local residents than animals?

“If the dogs bark, it’s because they’re being mistreated!” “says a local resident, raising his voice. The assembly seems to acquiesce in the face of this theory.
“Dogs bark for so many reasons…
“And an anti-bark collar?”
– We do not have the right, it would be abuse that on the other hand.
“Would you rather mistreat local residents than animals?” “, hoarse one of the participants. The mayor can’t help but let out a sigh, while massaging his temples.

A third return to justice?

For more than an hour, the dialogues of the deaf follow one another. Alas, the mayor speaks again. “What do you want us to do concretely? »
“We have to bring them to justice!”
— It was already done in 2012 and 2014… You lost twice against Anima. It’s useless, you won’t find help from that side, ”replies the mayor. Silence in the room.

At the end of the meeting, some progress was made. Local residents meet again in November to see if the enclosures put in place have had an effect. If this is not the case, a project for a palisade made of earth or based on bales of hay was put forward during the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the manager said she was relieved of this ordeal. “I hope that has calmed things down. We will try to reduce the nuisance as much as possible. I hope not to receive any more death threats and not to hear any more gunshots in the direction of the kennel”, breathes Priscilla Legat.

Simon Dubos


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