Extreme heat wave: more than 100 million Americans on alert, the heat kills thousands of animals

Extreme heat and humidity have killed thousands of cattle in Kansas in recent days and scorching temperatures continue to threaten livestock. The risk to the population is becoming increasingly worrying in much of the USA.

Since Wednesday, June 15, no less than 107.5 million people, or more than a third of the American population, have been on heat wave alert. The instructions are clear in the face of an extreme event: stay sheltered because a combination of extreme heat and humidity sets in over a large part of the country.

A phenomenon that caused the death of nearly 2,000 oxen in a ranch in the state of Kansas. Livestock began to experience heat stress as temperatures and humidity rose over the weekend in western Kansas and cooling winds subsided. The animals failed to adapt to the sudden rise in temperatures.

?#BREAKING: Thousands of cattle died in Kansas due to Dangerous Heat ⁰
?#Kansas | #USA

More than 20 states are seeing dangerously hot temperatures impacting nearly 100 million Americans as Reports of Thousands of cattle have died in Kansas due to a dangerous temperatures pic.twitter.com/d7saHEgMrU

— RAWSALERTS (@rawsalerts) June 16, 2022

In Las Vegas, Nevada, temperatures hit a high of 43 degrees, tying a record set in 1956. The US Weather Service (NWS) warned that temperatures could rise further in the coming hours.

In Phoenix, Arizona, where residents are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the sweltering heat, temperatures have reached 43 degrees for four straight days. During this period, nighttime temperatures never dropped below 27 degrees.

In Denver, Colorado, temperatures topped 38 degrees, also matching the record set in 2013.

Per NDFD, 32 sites are forecast to either break, tie or come within 1 degree F of their record high temperature today across much of the region where the Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories remain in effect. pic.twitter.com/156MABJ90X

—NWS Weather Prediction Center (@NWSWPC) June 15, 2022

This extreme heat wave is clearly affecting a large part of the country on June 16.

From Florida to Michigan, authorities are trying to find solutions to help vulnerable populations. In the north of the USA where temperatures of more than 40 degrees are expected, air-conditioned centers will be open to accommodate residents during this period of high heat.

The weather is also conducive to fires. Since the start of the week, 38 major forest fires have been detected in the United States and the toll amounts to nearly 1.2 million hectares ravaged in four states: Alaska, Arizona, California and New Mexico, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

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