faced with a difficult context, Moscow restaurants are struggling

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The Russian press, and especially the daily Kommersant, reports a figure, this Thursday, August 25: a drop of 11% in restaurant attendance in August, compared to last year. This is one of the consequences of the sanctions taken against Russia.

From our correspondent in Moscow

We can hardly do more contrasting: last year, at the same time, the Russian capital eagerly awaited the first publication of the Moscow Michelin guide. The famous stars had been announced with great fanfare in mid-October 2021: 69 establishments appeared in this first edition.

The curtain was drawn, by the Michelin guide, on this work of several years, hand in hand with the town hall, on March 4, “ given the seriousness of the current situation “. A press release from the guide notably announced the suspension of all restaurant recommendation activities in Russia. Today, the market seems to have retracted anyway.

Among the reasons cited for this 11% drop in attendance in August 2022: rising food prices, the absence of foreign businessmen and tourists, and Russians saving on leisure .


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