Faced with the invasion of muskrats in the North, an ecologist criticizes hunters for eliminating their predator: the “water fox”!

The elected ecologists are really connoisseurs of nature and the information comes to us from Jean-Michel Taccoen, Regional Councilor of Hauts-de-France and President of the Environment Commission: On June 28, when the problem of invasion of muskrats and nutria which cause significant damage to aquatic infrastructure in the Hauts-de-France region was addressed by the permanent regional council on the environment, a program was adopted, with the support of the federation protection against harmful organisms (FREDON), providing for the trapping of these animals.

But this proposal, although validated by the majority of elected officials, was not unanimous. Indeed, two elected environmentalists from the opposition, whose identity unfortunately we could not obtain, stood out. The first suggested that trapping was not the right solution and proposed that we introduce lynx (!) and caimans (!!) in the waterways of Hauts-de-France to eliminate these two invasive species! As for the second, a connoisseur of biodiversity, he criticized hunters for hunting the natural predator of muskrats and nutria, the famous ” water fox“!”

Beyond the immense burst of laughter that this information gave us when it reached us, it questions us about the real environmental skills of the elected representatives of the environmental movement. How can people with such little knowledge of biodiversity and the animal world claim to draw such definitive conclusions on how to manage nature and how dare they want to impose ever more arbitrary and draconian measures on an entire society?

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