Five parakeets stolen from the home of a private individual in Orléans

A 24-year-old man was brought before the public prosecutor on Friday August 26 for “theft by climbing and serious abuse or cruelty to a domestic animal“. He is suspected of having stolen five parakeets at the home of a private individual, in Orléans.

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He doesn’t remember anything

On the night of August 25, around midnight, a man is seen climbing a fence in order to reach an aviary adjoining a dwelling, in the area of ​​rue Guignegault. He thus makes several round trips in order to be able to take the birds one by one, then hand them over to an accomplice, who keeps watch.

Alerted, the police went to the neighborhood and arrested the young man, alcoholic, and injured with several small bites on the hands. But the police find no trace of the accomplice, nor of four of the stolen parakeets.

Only one, “dying”, is found by law enforcement and returned to its owner.

While in police custody, the young man explained that he did not remember anything, and had absolutely no idea what he had done with the other four birds.

The Orleans prosecutor’s office, before which the suspect was brought, could decide to prosecute.

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