Food: a banned molecule found in bananas in Martinique


Food: a banned molecule found in bananas in Martinique

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C. Rigeade, Martinique the 1st, A. Chevalier – France 3

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On Saturday August 27, an investigation was opened in Martinique because a growth regulator that causes bananas to turn yellow has been discovered.

The very yellow color of bananas is questionable in Martinique and for good reason, a growth regulator was used to make the color of the fruit more appetizing. This phytoregulatorI’ethephonis prohibited, because it would be slightly hazardous to health. This discovery does not surprise the sellers of the Fort-de-France market. “Yes, it is known, it is said and it is seen”testifies a trader.

The aim of spraying theethephon is to color the bananas yellow when they are still green. This molecule being prohibited, an investigation was opened to clarify this affair. Although prohibited for bananas, theethephon is authorized in the case of pineapples. Some simply call for it to be banned. “When a product is unfit for consumption, you have to stop so that it can’t cause a scandal again”describes Juvenal remirpresident of a horticultural cooperative in Martinique.

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