Foot OM – Igor Tudor shocks OM, anger rumbles in Marseille

For now, OM version Igor Tudor has sporting results that provide some peace of mind to the Croatian coach. But behind the scenes of the Marseille club, his way of behaving annoys very seriously.

Igor Tudor has character, and if on the edge of the field his style is less explosive than that of Jorge Sampaoli, the new Olympique de Marseille technician is adept at a direct and frank tone with his players, his staff and those who he works with. This materialized with the departure of Mauro Camoranesi. After barely a week in Marseille, the latter threw in the towel, tired of the tone adopted by the Croatian technician against him. And during the preparation matches, some players, and not the least, realized that Tudor was not diplomatic when he had things to say. Even if the former coach of Hellas Verona has the right to have the methods he wants, internally it starts to do a lot. And Jérôme Rothen revealed it, at all levels of OM we would like the current coach to be a little more courteous and balanced in his communication. Citing internal sources, the consultant says the situation is now very tense.

Igor Tudor speaks badly, he alienates OM

Among his prime targets would be Dimitri Payet, whom Igor Tudor sees as one of those who drag their feet in applying his instructions. And that drives Jérôme Rothen totally crazy, which empties his bag concerning the Croatian coach of Olympique de Marseille. ” All the clubs where he has played or coached know that Tudor is no joke. He is there to put his ideas in place, he is a little too obtuse and speaks badly to many people, this is already the case in Marseille. Many players have complained about it, starting with Dimitri Payet (…) Within the club, and I had the opportunity to speak with people who are in the club, whether players or managers , everyone complains about Tudor’s attitude, he says. He has a way of talking to people that is disrespectful. After a while, if you already alienate your captain, you have alienated a good number of supporters who whistle at you every time you arrive at the Vélodrome stadium. And you, you don’t question yourself “Launched the RMC consultant, who probably has enough precise information to also attack Igor Tudor head-on.

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