Foot PSG – Neymar angry, PSG rubs his hands

Author of an incredible start to the season in the jersey of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar sketched a first grimace on Wednesday by leaving the field prematurely during the victory against Toulouse (3-0).

Since the resumption of the French championship, Neymar is clearly the best player in the L1. If Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi have also shone at the start of the season, the Brazilian international remains a cut above. Already the author of seven goals and six assists in just five days, the 30-year-old striker started on a huge foundation. But while he aims to have his best season in the jersey of PSG before approaching the World Cup with Brazil, the Brazilian experienced a first moment of weakness this week, when Christophe Galtier decided to take him out of the pitch after the hour mark against Toulouse (3-0). A small affront which did not make too many waves, since Neymar first of all nodded with a little annoyed expression before clapping his coach’s hand as a sign of acceptance, even if she was far from ‘to be enthusiastic. Good news for Jérôme Rothen, who believes that Neymar has obtained the right to be forgotten given his very positive recent behavior.

“Honestly, leave him alone! »

“It never pleases a player to be substituted. The player always has a bad reaction because he wants to show things. The reaction can sometimes overtake the thoughts. It can happen to Neymar. Right now it’s good. Galtier just wanted to breathe a little against Toulouse. He must not get hurt, especially since Neymar sometimes has a risky game at the end of the match. Ok, but the player doesn’t think like the coach. Neymar is a competitor. He has been criticized for his attitude in recent years, when he was completely out of the collective frame. He was selfish, he chose his matches, he was injured to leave in the evening. He was criticized for that, and rightly so. But there he is on the right track, he is having good matches. That he is disappointed when he leaves, because he sulked when he leaves, it shows that he is concerned. And I want to see players like that. There is no problem. He is well in his head at the moment, let him continue like this. Frankly, leave him alone! », launched the RMC consultant, who wants the followers of PSG to let go of Neymar a little, especially when he is so efficient on the ground. It is true that for the moment, Christophe Galtier has succeeded in what his predecessors never could or knew how to do: get the stars out of the field before the 90th minute, without causing a stir.

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