For Elon Musk, “civilization stops if Ukraine does not give in to Russia”

Elon Musk seems to have woken up inspired this Monday (17) – and full of advice that, as usual, he decided to share with his followers on Twitter (his favorite social network – so much so that he is in buying it, as if you knew). The topic at the time was the situation of Ukraine in relation to Russia and everything that, according to the mega-entrepreneur, could come out of it.

Photo of billionaire Elon Musk
On Twitter, Elon Musk posted his views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine right now. Image: Naresh777/

“If Russia is faced with the choice of losing Crimea or using bombs on the battlefield, it will choose the latter,” the SpaceX and Tesla CEO said. “The West has already sanctioned/cut off Russia in every possible way, so what else do they have to lose? »

Alarmingly, Musk added: “If we bomb Russia, they will bomb us back and then we will have World War III. »

“Whether you like it or not, Crimea is absolutely considered a central part of Russia by Russia,” the billionaire continued. “Crimea is also of crucial importance for Russia’s national security, as it is its southern maritime base. From their point of view, losing Crimea is like the United States losing Hawaii and Pearl Harbor.

A probable nuclear apocalypse is also in Musk’s predictions. “If Russia faces the destruction of its army and the total defeat of NATO, it will use nuclear bombs,” he noted, “then NATO will respond with nuclear bombs and civilization will take end “.

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Last week, Musk announced that SpaceX would no longer provide Starlink satellite internet technology to Ukraine, a decision reversed two days later.

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