For restaurant tickets, the ceiling drops from 38 to 19 euros on July 1

CONSUMPTION – The advantages granted to restaurant tickets in times of Covid-19 are over. On July 1, the daily usage cap of 38 euros will return to its initial threshold of 19 euros, after its implementation in June 2020.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced on February 23 that the measure decided on due to the health crisis would be extended until June 30. After this date, the operation of restaurant vouchers (Restaurant ticket, Lunch voucher, Restaurant pass, etc.) will return to its pre-Covid-19 operation.

The minister also confirmed this return to the original rules with BFMTV. “After discussion with the professional catering federations and as announced by the government, from July 1, 2022, the use of restaurant tickets will be under the same conditions as before the health crisis”, indicated Bercy on Friday June 24. .

The daily ceiling therefore goes back to 19 euros without exception for use in restaurants, self-services, fast-foods or breweries.

No more meal tickets on weekends and public holidays

Among the changes made during the health crisis, the use of restaurant tickets had also been facilitated outside working days. This measure will also end on July 1.

Restaurant vouchers will therefore be limited to use from Monday to Saturday, unless the employee works on Sundays or public holidays, specifies on this subject.

The maximum daily amount of meal tickets was increased in June 2020 to boost consumption after the first confinement. Announced by the Prime Minister at the time, Édouard Philippe, the measure had been integrated into the “massive” recovery plan for French tourism.

The measure was subsequently extended several times between June 2020 and June 2022, in the same desire to support restaurateurs particularly affected by health restrictions.

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