François and Fanny’s pizza food truck crisscrosses the South of Gironde

Fanny and François Galvaire, the couple in charge.
Fanny and François Galvaire, the couple in charge.

The “Pizze Del Duca”! This is the name of the pizza food truck which has been pacing the roads of South Gironde since the end of May to delight its inhabitants with Marinara, Regina, four cheeses and the twenty or so other varieties offered by François and Fanny Galvaire, the couple in charge.

He, originally from Paris, is 60 years old and this former restaurateur in Bordeaux has now become a pizza maker; she, the child of Gans (Gironde), 40 years old, comes from the world of sales and therefore runs the cash register. Together for three years, the two lovebirds set up this business after their first idea of ​​taking over a restaurant fell through due to the confinements.

“But the desire at the start being to be just the two of you, without employees or a hierarchical relationship, the idea of ​​the food truck was also suitable,” says Fanny, who explains that the problem of catering in rural areas also played a role. :

In the countryside, going to a restaurant is complicated, because it’s often a 20-minute drive and you can’t drink because you have to drive back. So bringing a classic product like pizza to the villages, but in terms of quality, was also important for us.

Fanny and Francois Galvairefood truck managers

In the heart of the villages

And of villages, it is thus a question of four in which the couple parks, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.: Gans on Wednesday, Aillas on Thursday, Casseuil on Friday (at the Rock’n Road association bar) and Grignols on Saturday.

And with each time, the heart of the village as a location criterion: “We really wanted contact and relationships in our activity, hence our choice to land in front of churches, town halls, in the center of towns and not in front of stations or shopping centres. We want to be part of the local context and know the people for who they are and for them to know us for who we are behind the truck” confides François.

A warm welcome from locals

His wife also wishes to underline the “super favorable” welcome they received from town halls and residents, “delighted after the confinements to have this food truck near their home”, recounts. she. And on the card of the latter, precisely, there are for all tastes : from classic pizzas to flambés via “dessert pizzas”, but also for all stomachs according to François, who explains how to make his dough pieces in the pure Neapolitan tradition, letting them rest for at least three days, “which makes it more digestible. And people confirmed it to us. “.

Today, the couple say they are “happy with the way the business is going” but above all delighted by “the very positive feedback from customers” and have only one word: “See you at the heart of our villages! “.

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