From André Arthur to Elon Musk

The bodies of the great mosque of Quebec were not yet cold that, in the days following the massacre of January 29, 2017, the disinformators worked hard to pollute the reflection on this attack.

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Take Andre Arthur. It’s not a racist crime, had decreed the radio host, now deceased, it’s a crime of passion! The killer had a Muslim lover! Worse the media does not tell you!

It’s always been wrong1.

However, in Quebec, we still find in some minds the vestiges of this conspiracy theory which had the “merit” for the racists of purging racism from the debate on the massacre. All those who trivialize the ideas of the far right have been able to cling to this false theory as one clings to a buoy.

What happened next showed that the killer did have far-right views. He admired racist figures in the United States and France, his mind was polluted by speeches presenting Muslims as a direct threat to the lives of Westerners. The killer felt threatened by Syrian refugees, for example.

I make a detour via Quebec to arrive in San Francisco. Follow me…

Nancy Pelosi is number three in the US government. She is the Speaker (Democrat) of the House of Representatives.

As such, Pelosi is considered a traitor by many radical Republican supporters (percentage of misinformed Republicans who believe Donald Trump was robbed of the 2020 presidential election: 70%). The Capitol rioters on January 6, 2021, would have killed her if they had found her.

On the night of Thursday to Friday, a man broke into the house that Mme Pelosi shares with her husband, Paul, in San Francisco 2. According to police sources, the intruder was looking for Nancy Pelosi (“Where is Nancy?” he shouted). Paul Pelosi had time to call 911, and police arrived as the assailant charged at the 82-year-old man with a hammer (Mme Pelosi was in Washington).

The attacker’s digital traces3David DePape, show a mental universe polluted by the far-right conspiracy theories available these days at the big buffet of conspiracy theories of the time: QAnon, the pandemic and vaccine conspiracy, and the “stolen” election of 2020 , all spiced with anti-Semitism…

In short, that such a misinformed and radicalized guy had the dreadful idea of ​​killing a politician considered a traitor by millions of misinformed and radicalized Americans is not fiction. He would not be the first to want to kill an elected Democrat4.

This is without taking into account the vast and effective far-right media ecosystem which, in the United States, creates parallel universes where reality is photoshopped to make it softer in the eyes of these millions of radicalized Americans who sincerely think (for example example) that Barack Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim communist who worked — and would still work — to destroy the United States of America…

In this hallucinated universe, there are always occult forces which want to pervert the USA, with the help of the seditious democrats. In this universe, far-right influencers, media and politicians create and relay these shameless canards.

On the attack on Paul Pelosi, here’s what a website mostly unknown to the battalion, the Santa Monica Observer, said on Saturday: Paul Pelosi was attacked by a gay lover he met at a gay bar , Thursday night!

There is nothing to suggest that.

The police gave no indication of this. Neither did the District Attorney (the equivalent of the Crown prosecutor) on the case.

Everything points to an unstable stranger who wanted to kill Mme Pelosi, a woman that a good portion of fans of Donald Trump considers a traitor.

I point out here that the Santa Monica Observer ruled in 2016 that Hillary Clinton was secretly dead and replaced by an understudy.5during a debate with Donald Trump (no pranks).

In short, the Santa Monica Observer is not a credible site… It’s not the kind of site that a savvy person in good faith should cite. It is unwise to do so, to say the least.

But in the coming days, Paul Pelosi’s false homosexual lover theory invented by this site risks spreading throughout the American far-right ecosystem, as this analyst demonstrates in an instructive series of tweets.6.

And in the United States, anyone who trivializes the dangerousness of ideas that present Democratic opponents as mortal enemies will cling to this false theory of Mr. Pelosi’s homosexual lover like one clings to a buoy…

So far, the birth of this completely crazy theory, invalidated by the facts, would be just another example of the strength of disinformation in the United States. The catch is that it was shamelessly relayed by Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk. Follow the leader…

Saturday, Clinton tweeted these words: “The Republican Party and its proxies spread hate and conspiracy theories. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, this causes violence. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the consequences of those words. »

Elon Musk’s response to Mme clinton7pointing to the lying “scoop” from the Santa Monica Observer: “I think there is a small possibility that the story is more complicated than that…”

Elon Musk deleted the tweet, in front of public outcry, without a word of explanation.

But the boss of Tesla was nevertheless the greatest relay of this informational toxin: the billionaire has 112 million subscribers.

He who says he bought Twitter in part to purge the platform of its supposed “left bias” has amplified a lie that conveniently exonerates the far right…

André Arthur, in heaven (or hell), must tell himself that he passed away too soon: Twitter is now owned by a guy who uses the same methods as he used to.

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