Gers: she comes face to face with a royal python when she moves to Aubiet

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When moving to Aubiet, this individual never imagined for a moment having to share his accommodation with… a python. An unusual discovery while moving a piece of furniture, this Wednesday, August 24 in the early morning.

It is an unusual and quite worrying discovery, at the time, which a Gersoise was confronted with on the morning of this Wednesday August 24. She had just moved into her new home in the town of Aubiet. But around 8 am, when she had just moved one of her pieces of furniture, she came face to face with a royal python about 1 meter tall. Non-aggressive, the animal was however far from being in its usual environment. After calling for help, the person and his surprise roommate were visited by two firefighters specializing in animal risks from the fire and rescue center in the village of Mauvezin.

The python was taken care of by the firefighters of the CIS of Mauvezin.

The python was taken care of by the firefighters of the CIS of Mauvezin.

The critter was transported to a veterinarian in order to identify it thanks to its chip. The file was then entrusted to the Departmental Directorate of Employment, Labor, Solidarity and Population Protection in order to find the owner of the reptile and return it to him.

A popular pet

The reasons for the presence of the python in the accommodation are not yet known. But it is an increasingly popular pet among snake lovers. Non-venomous, they can however represent a danger because they are constrictors, that is to say that they seek to suffocate their victims. The bite of the python can also be very painful.

According to the legislation, keeping a royal python in captivity is free. It is not subject to declaration or authorization when its size is less than 3 meters according to the decree of October 8, 2018 setting the general rules for keeping animals of non-domestic species. Otherwise, its owner must obtain a certificate of capacity issued by the prefect.

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