Good news for Zara, black cat bereaved by the loss of her kitten

The wait is over for Zara and those caring for her at the shelter. Several months after her arrival, this cat has finally found the perfect family. At the beginning of the year, she had been taken care of after the loss of one of her kittens.

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Zara joined her new owners, she who did not seem to interest any potential adopters since her arrival at the shelter last January, reported the BBC. His story, which we relayed in early August, had upset many Internet users.

3 years old, this cat in the black dress had been discovered wandering and frozen, with her 2 newborn kittens. Alas, one of the young felines had already died. The other was adopted some time later, when Zara desperately waiting for this chance.

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Collected by the team of Stafford, Wolverhampton & District Branch of the RSPCA (England), she was described as ” a fabulous mini house panther ” was « looking for someone special “. Zara finally found it after all these months of waiting and uncertainty.

“Glad she’s settled in with her wonderful new family”

It’s a couple living not far from there, Tiptonwho adopted Zara. The candidacy of Claire and Carl Jones was retained by the shelter among the many other arrivals after the media coverage of her story.

Tracey Rogersresponsible for RSPCA of Stafford, Wolverhampton & District Branch, says she is happy that the animal has found a loving home nearby. Adoption requests came from all over the country and even from abroad, some from the United States. ” Zara didn’t really want to travel this far and we’re so glad she settled down just a few miles away with her wonderful new family; Carl, Clare and their 2 children “.

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