Groen wants to remove VAT on fresh fruit and vegetables, to be “more attractive than processed food”

Groen believes that fruit and vegetables are too expensive for many people to consume on a daily basis and therefore wants to remove VAT on these products, Green MP Barbara Creemers announced on Saturday. “Even citizens with few means will then be able to enjoy a varied diet“, she underlines.

VAT is currently set at 6% on fruit and vegetables, while around half of the Belgian adult population is overweight, points out the Flemish ecologist. Studies also show that citizens with a relatively low socio-economic level are more likely to become obese.

Sufficient fruits and vegetables are an onerous item for many households

Varying your diet by including enough fruits and vegetables is a costly item for many households. By eliminating VAT on these products, fruits and vegetables will become more attractive than processed food“, notes Ms. Creemers.

The price of fresh vegetables and fruits has increased in recent years by 5.8%. Each year, Belgians spend an average of 950 euros on this purchase. A VAT that would drop from 6 to 0% would reduce this bill by around 54 euros“, calculates the parliamentarian. The galloping inflation, established at 9.9% on average in Belgium in the second quarter, is however likely to constitute a brake on the measure.

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