Hauts-de-Seine: two goats fed with pizza succumb

Lhe Chanteraines farm, which aims to educate as many people as possible about agriculture and animals, still has a lot of work to do. Some uninformed or unscrupulous visitors have recently demonstrated their ignorance by offering goats food they had on hand: chips, fries and leftover pizza. If these particularly fatty foods are not recommended for human beings, it seems obvious that they are even less so for animals.

As reported by our colleagues from actu.fr, two goats did not survive after having ingested the unsuitable food offered by these visitors who passed through the farm. Closed in early August due to the high temperatures, the Chanteraines farm, in the Hauts-de-Seine, was thus forced to condemn its doors again just six days after its reopening.

Throwing stones and firecrackers at animals

However, the establishment strictly prohibits all visitors from giving food to the animals. “Farm animals deserve the greatest attention,” we lament in a press release. They are not inert toys, but living beings that should be respected. Feeding them inappropriately, riding them unceremoniously are inappropriate behaviors, even if they often start from good intentions. “The farm team also denounces multiple incivilities and disrespectful behavior towards animals targeted by “throwing stones or firecrackers” and molested, “criminal mistreatment”.

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To preserve the farm animals, the establishment has therefore decided to close its doors while the managers have carried out an update on the educational vocation of the farm. “The farm is not an amusement park, insists the press release. It is a place of peace and discovery, a place where the visitor must adapt to the constraints of life. All visitors must therefore be kind, attentive and vigilant towards the animals. »

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