He declares war on Tesla on Twitter, Elon Musk insults him

For some time, Dan O’Dowd, a software developer, has been trying to prove that Tesla’s on-board self-driving software is unreliable.

A pile of shit »

Elon Musk does not let it go. Especially when his car brand is concerned. For several days, Dan O’Dowd, software developer and founder of Green Hills Software, focuses on demonstrating that the on-board self-driving (FSD) software in Tesla cars is unreliable. He posted videos that show Tesla cars roll over and crash into mannequins while FSD is activated.

Faced with this enterprise of destabilization, Elon Musk simply reacted: Green Hills Software is a bunch of shit. » Some pro-Tesla netizens have noticed Greens Hills Software worked in collaboration with General Motors, BMW and Ford. In short, a dark affair of competition between car manufacturers.

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