He hits and throws his dog in the middle of the street in Le Havre

The German shepherd stolen from the pound in Lille (Nord) in September 2019 has been found... in Spain!
The German shepherd beaten several times by his owner in the middle of the street in Le Havre has been placed in a foster family. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

The Urban Supervision Center at Haven had already noticed a man with tendencies “not very tender with his German shepherd “, indicates a judicial source. But never had he indulged in such an outpouring of violence.

He throws him violently to the ground and strikes him.

On August 19, in the middle of the street and at 7 a.m., the 54-year-old man indeed struck several blows “with his fists and feet” on the animal which, according to the video images, “had a lot of trouble walking . »

“He also threw him violently to the ground,” said the same source. The CSU seeing him boarding a vehicle warns the police who manage via the vehicle number to go back to the individual in question.

He was arrested on rue Lesueur in Le Havre, at his home on August 19, the dog was placed in a foster family after a health check by a veterinarian.

a legal source.

The owner of the dog was brought before the prosecution during the morning of August 25 and was to be the subject of an immediate appearance that same day.

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