He refuses to call his daughter like an animal… the future mother does not understand why

The choice of first name can be a real headache when the parents do not agree. This is what happens to this couple who are torn over the choice of the first name of their future granddaughter. On Reddit, the dad expressed his dismay in the face of his wife’s proposal and the refusal of any possible discussion. The latter indeed wishes to call their child… like an animal! And even if she has priority over the choice of first name, the dad has vetoed it. The vast majority of internet users line up behind him…

A little… Koala

“Our tradition is that she names the girls, and I names the boys, but the other has a right of veto”, he explains. Also, after having two boys, they are expecting a baby girl. “I was sure she would want one of the names we had already discussed for a girl. But no. She wants to name our daughter Koala.” And to continue:“Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against koalas, but I think naming a child after them is a little weird. It’ll be adorable when she’s little, but imagine if she works in sales and she has ‘Koala’ printed on his chest for everyone to see. None of us are Australian or have traveled there so it’s an odd choice.”

A problematic name?

A strange first name indeed, but the future mother does not see the problem. “Michelle got mad and said I was undermining her choices. She got…

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