Heat wave: water, coffee, fruit, meat… What should you drink and eat to stay hydrated, and what should you avoid?

the essential
The temptation is great to want to drink, drink and drink again when the heat makes us suffer. However, excess water is not recommended for health. To stay hydrated even in the heat wave, adopt these few eating habits.

The heat wave settles in France. To resist it, you may tend to drink more, much more than usual. Attention, exceeding the daily dose of 1.5 liters of water is not a good idea to adapt to the heat! Just adopt a good Alimentation and to avoid the ingestion of some products to hydrate properly!

These foods that hydrate

Drinking too much water can lead to kidney complications but also trigger excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis, which causes the body to lose more water. The recommendation of1.5 liters of water per day perfectly meets our needs and covers the loss of water due to sweating which regulates our body temperature.

To be sure to be hydrated, there is no need to swallow liters and liters of water. Hydration also goes through the plate. On these sunny days, prefer salads. Preferably, opt for salads based on cucumber, tomato, celery, zucchini, lettuce, all composed largely of water. Same meats can meet our water needs, but not all of them. The poultry and the fat-free fish moisturize better than others. Finally, the fruitsespecially summer ones, refresh the body and delight gourmets.

Foods and drinks to avoid

For 100% hydrating meals, banish your tables from charcuterie boards, processed foods and red meats even cooked on the barbecue… These foods are particularly difficult to digest and the body will require a lot more water to do so.

On the drink side, if you want to hydrate yourself as well as possible, give up that cold beer Terrace. Don’t just ogle on no alcoholic beverages. Alcohol has a counterproductive diuretic effect and increases the risk of heatstroke. To compensate, also forget the sodas and juices, drinks that are too sweet which will not quench your thirst. In addition, soda decreases your body’s ability to store water. the tea and the coffee are not also not recommended, again because of their diuretic effects. In short, only water quenches thirst.

So drink water but not too much! It’s all about balance.

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