Heat wave: what precautions to avoid heat stroke for your pets?

If the actions to protect yourself in times of heat wave are known, the precautions to take for pets are less so. Here are a few…

First of all, know that dogs and cats are not affected in the same way by extreme heat, the body of felines allowing them to better support it because of the African origins of their ancestors and their presence in environments desert.

Watch out for exits

First provision: adapt the hours of dog outings to the cooler hours, namely early in the morning or in the evening. For outings that will take place in the middle of the day, you will have to find shady places to walk. During the latter it will be necessary to avoid physical activities as much as possible.

For cats that go out alone, it would be better to avoid doing so in the middle of the day, as the hot asphalt can burn their pads. After these outings, it will in any case be necessary to ensure that they are in a cool place to lower their body temperature and avoid heat stroke.

Other basic tips: keep your accommodation cool, by closing the shutters and drawing the curtains, and avoid leaving them in rooms where the temperature can rise very quickly, such as verandas.


Hydration is also very important. To be sure that your animals stay hydrated, you can multiply the water points in your home and, for example, add ice cubes to your dog’s bowl.

If there are miniature animal pools, other, simpler tricks can be implemented, such as providing cool, wet towels. And as with humans, it is the extremities that spread the coolness the fastest, so do not hesitate to regularly wet their paws with cool water.

Finally, certain provisions flow from sources such as that of not leaving an animal in a stopped car, a tragedy that can occur in just a few tens of minutes…

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