Help stray cats in Albi are desperately looking for foster families

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The association Help stray cats of Albi organizes Sunday, September 18 open doors in Cunac to discover its missions and try to recruit volunteers and foster families.

Elodie Segonne has been rescuing stray cats for years in the streets of Albi and surrounding towns. Just like Nathalie Salesse. And Véronique Reverchon too. The three women have been working together in different associations for rescues for years. So, together, they decided to create their own association two years ago, “Help wandering cats in Albi”.

The first is president, the second vice-president, and the last is treasurer. The idea, of course, of rescuing stray cats, feeding them if necessary, sterilizing them, finding them a family… “We had a lot of requests on the Facebook page that we had created. We therefore decided to organize ourselves into an association, to have more means, to be able to organize events and raise funds, to issue tax receipts for donations”, explain Elodie and Nathalie.

And since the birth of Help stray cats Albi, its members have been in constant demand. “Many town halls give our telephone number when residents call them for stray cats. We are also very active on social networks, with our Facebook and Instagram pages. We receive calls and messages every day, so we try to do what is most vital”.

Today, there are about fifteen to operate the structure. But it’s never enough, says Elodie Segonne, the president. So, in an attempt to recruit, Help stray cats Albi has decided to organize an open day on Sunday, September 18.

Raising awareness of the animal cause and nature

“We will of course present the cats for adoption during this day. Identification and sterilization are already done. We have around twenty cats and kittens up for adoption. We also want to recruit volunteers. And we only work with foster families when rescuing a cat. We are therefore also looking for host families. For a few days or sometimes a few weeks.

This day will be placed under the sign of “awareness”, to put nature and animals in the spotlight. Educational farm, virtual reality games for selective sorting, yoga workshop, educational exhibition “an animal, animals” with L214, games for children and adults, etc. The program is rich. These open doors will take place in the village hall of Cunac on Sunday, September 18 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“This day is completely free. We hope to see and touch families. We have a lot of work in the association, and our personal and professional lives to manage. It’s endless, and the more volunteers and host families we have, the more rescues we can do. It’s difficult to carry all of this on our shoulders, and we hope to find help during these open days”, wish, with the same voice, Elodie and Nathalie.

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