Herault: the touching video of the rescue of a dog locked on a balcony, abandoned by his masters

A dog was saved by the emergency services in Sète this Friday, August 26, abandoned by its owners.

It’s the evil of every summer: the abandonment of animals. When the owners do not leave their faithful four-legged companion by the side of the road, they leave them to their own devices at home. This Friday, August 26 around noon, the firefighters indeed intervened in Sète, rue du Maire Aussenac, at the request of residents of the district who saw a dog locked up on a balcony shutters closed. The owners, absent, left their hairball alone, completely dehydrated.

The operation lasted about half an hour. Fortunately, the rescue was successful and the dog was brought to safety. The residents, relieved, did not fail to applaud our helmeted heroes. It was minus one.

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