His ex finds old photos of the billionaire, and resells them for a colossal sum

Elon Musk became so famous worldwide that an ex of his decided to auction old photos. And she managed to make a colossal sum.

Elon Musk in the hard?

The eccentric billionaire Elon Musk regularly makes the news, in particular concerning its takeover of Twitter in which it has been bogged down for several months and whose twists and turns not cease to accumulate.

Recently, the CEO of Tesla, Neuralink where SpaceX was also refused financial assistance from the American state for star linkits satellite Internet connection system. $885.5 million, this significant support has not been validated by the FCC (Commission Communications Federal). His review of the Amazon Prime series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as a tackle to his competitor Jeff Bezos has not passed either, in particular with the creator of Sandman.

photos sold for gold

Always too bankablethe billionaire can also for some be an effective way to generate money, and cThis woman understood it well. Jennifer Gwynneex-companion of the billionaire, has decided to resell at auction a whole collection of negatives and memories of him. The amount ? €165,000. According to her words, this sum will be used to finance the studies of her son.

These photos show a Elon Musk younger, while a student at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to photos, rsold on September 13, the collection includes for example a signed birthday card by Elon Musksold for 16,666 euros, as well as a 14-carat gold necklace with a small emerald sold for 51,272

One of the executives of RR Auctionauction house that handled the sale indicates that there is “very little related material at Elon Musk which was sold at auction, and we will no doubt see more soon with the success of this sale

The personal items of the billionaire seem in any case to be very popular with collectors, since last December, RR Auction already had organized the sale of work done by Elon Musk when he was at university, for an amount of 7700 euros. More generally, it is the possessions of the tech behemoths that are in demand. Thus, last month, a prototype of theApple-1 that belonged to Steve Jobs sold for 680,000 euros.

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