his mother Maye sleeps in his garage when she visits him – La Nouvelle Tribune

The mother of the wealthy American businessman Elon Musk sleeps in his garage when she visits him in Texas. At least that’s the confidence she made to the Times. “You can’t have a fancy house near a rocket site”, she told the American media. These statements come after the announcement that was made a few months ago by the richest man in the world. He indicated in particular that he did not own any residence and that he lived with his friends.

A lease valued at $50,000

Through a post on the Bluebird social network, the SpaceX and Tesla boss also said that in Texas his primary residence is a SpaceX rental worth $50,000. She is nearby in the business in Texas. The wealthy businessman said he had the ambition to get rid of all that is real estate to devote himself to his trip to the red planet.

“You don’t need the money”

“I sell almost all physical goods. Musk will not own a house”he left to read on Twitter in May 2020 before adding: “You don’t need the money. Possession weighs you down”. The interview with the American newspaper was also an opportunity for the mother toElon Musk to comment on his son’s activities. For Maye MuskMars is not his preferred destination. “You have to have six months of preparation and isolation and I just don’t like that. But if my kids want me to do it, I will.”she said in this regard.

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