House rabbits find the remains of three people in a garden

They are cute, cuddly, explorers and sometimes… grave robbers. As DutchNews and Futurism report, police in the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands, were called earlier this week for an unusual reason: pet rabbits had dug in the garden of the family home, until finding what appeared to be bones.

The searches that followed the arrival of the police on the scene lasted all night and caused a sensation with the neighborhood. “We heard they found a skull with a jaw bone still attached. The teeth had no fillings”told DutchNews a neighbor who claims to have seen the photos taken by the experts.

Later analyzes revealed that all of the bones found belong to at least three individuals and date from the years 1880-1900. The Dutch forensic institute will now investigate to determine how the remains of three people ended up there.

six legs underground

It’s not the first time, in the summer of 2022, that animals have made headlines for digging up human remains.

In July, the BBC reported the story of an English woman who panicked when she saw a few bones in her garden, including a skull, unearthed by a badger. This event was only the beginning of trouble for this 88-year-old woman living near a cemetery.

Very soon, other bones appeared: “femurs, skulls, chins, jaws”, lists his daughter, who entrusts “not having realized how much the situation was getting worse”. So much so that the police had to mark out his home as a crime scene.

The prospect of waking up with bones in your backyard is pretty scary. Unless you already have a cat and that we know that for these hairy companions, bringing dead animals back to their master is a sign of affection.

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