Hundreds of Icaunais mobilized to find Fara, a 2-year-old beagle rescued from a laboratory and adopted by residents of Migennois

But where did Fara go? A little two-year-old Beagle dog, Fara was rescued from a laboratory a little over three months ago, before being taken in by the Vézelay association “Beagles of Burgundy”. Created in 2016, the association’s mission is to save and recover laboratory beagles to resociabilize them before giving them up for adoption. For three years, the association has recovered 160 dogs of this type. Among them, Fara, 2 years old, “when she arrived, she was very afraid, of everything, of humans, of noises, of other dogs” remembers Virginia Mouseler, the founder of the association.

Ready to be adopted, Fara was entrusted to a couple living in Cheny, in Migennois. “Before the final adoption, there were several visits and meetings, then a trial. Everything went very well, this family was the ideal adoptive family,” she adds. But on May 25, 2022, tragedy struck. Fara manages to find a tiny hole in the fence to escape. “Beagles are like that, they have leaks in their skin, and those coming from labs are even worse, because they are very scared. They are able to travel very long distances in a short time”, details Viriginia Mouseler.

The dog would have traveled nearly 70 km

So immediately, the community of beagle breed dog owners mobilized on the web and social networks. Several ads have been created and relayed hundreds of times. Without success. So a beagle enthusiast decided to take matters into her own hands with other owners of dogs of the same breed and started a group on Facebook called “Help us find Fara”. Since then, many Icaunais have reported the presence of the dog here and there in the department.

“We are not satisfied with Facebook, we do everything we can and we do not neglect any track. We organize hunts, we flew a drone, we also contacted an animal communication specialist”, explains Véronique Spuri, Parisian, owner, too, of beagles. Fara’s mistress, Marie Babouhot is struggling to recover from this disappearance, but she remains hopeful.

“We already had a beagle in the past. When we wanted to take one back and we saw Fara, it was love at first sight. I have fibromyalgia and I must say that she almost made me forget my disease She is an endearing and touching dog. I can’t believe that so many people are mobilizing. It warms the heart and it gives hope. There are even people from Paris who want to come on the spot”

Marie Babouhot (Mistress of Fara)

Last week, the little dog Fara was seen near Nuits, in Tonnerrois, about 70 km from the home of her adopted family. But for a few days, it seems to no longer be in this sector and could be heading towards the Côte-d’Or. “Today, we want to ensure that we warn as many people as possible and use word of mouth to find her. We have also approached animal associations. If anyone sees Fara, we ask him not to get too close so as not to scare her away, to try to take her picture if possible and to contact the Facebook group” indicates Véronique Spuri.

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