Hunters train to breed their dogs

On July 5 and 6, around twenty members of AFACCC 43 (French association for the future of hound hunting) took the ACACED training (certificate of knowledge for pets of domestic species).

This training, a first specifically for hunters, took place in the premises of the Departmental Federation of Hunters of Haute-Loire in Vals-près-le-Puy.

ACACED training is compulsory for people wishing to practice a commercial activity such as breeding, training, keeping pets, etc. It is provided by a trainer approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. At the end, the candidates are subjected to a knowledge test.

This two-day module deals with the following topics: where animals are housed, their food, reproduction, health, behaviour, selection as well as law and transport.

The AFACCC 43 offered this training to its members to enable them to train, so that they have the most complete knowledge to improve the well-being of their companion.


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