Husband goes to the groomer and comes home with the wrong dog

It was a pretty simple task, but this well-meaning dad named Rudy Salazar still managed to water it down. The other day, Rudy’s wife, CoCo, asked him to pick up their adorable white puppy, BooBear, from the groomer where he had dropped him off earlier. And that’s what he did. Well, sort of.

When her husband came home with the pup in his arms, CoCo noticed something rather strange. The haircut BooBear had received seemed to have transformed his appearance into that of a completely different pup.

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Husband goes to the groomer and comes home with the wrong dog

But it turns out there was actually a very good reason for it. Her husband had picked up the wrong dog.

It turns out that when Rudy arrived at the barbershop, he said he was there for CoCo, as in his name. But there was some confusion. Instead of giving him BooBear, he was given another white puppy, also named CoCo.

Here is a video taken moments after the truth was discovered:

And somehow Rudy missed the confusion, leaving the two CoCos in understandable confusion. Fortunately, realizing the error, Rudy was able to rectify the situation. BooBear quickly found his place, as did the unwitting pup impostor.

BooBear and CoCo look vaguely alike, so it’s hard to blame Rudy for this little mistake. His wife certainly does not:

“The best husband in the world! » CoCo (the human) wrote.

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No doubt they had a good laugh when the man came back from the groomer with the wrong dog, but we wonder what their dog thought of them when his owner arrived and instead of take it, he brought another home…

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