HyperTrader Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Democratizes Access to Cryptocurrency Investment


HyperTrader no longer requires paid subscriptions; All existing features accessible and free for everyone

AUSTIN, TX, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HyperLingthe cryptocurrency trading platform and creator of an institutional-grade trading terminal Hyper Trader, now provides all HyperTrader features for free. HyperTrader is an invaluable resource born to solve problems for crypto traders. It helps users manage multiple portfolios, execute trades quickly and efficiently, and provide insights into their trading activities. Until now, HyperTrader required a paid subscription.

“We launched HyperLinq with a mission to democratize access to technology and markets,” said HyperLinq’s CEO. Amar Gautam. “Making subscriptions for basic functionality is contrary to our mission. It is therefore time that we made these effective and necessary tools available to everyone around the world at no cost.”


These new features and tools will be available in public beta in the coming months.

“Current crypto market conditions have presented various challenges. We sympathize with traders and want to help them through these uncertain and volatile times,” said Karamvir SinghCPO HyperLinq.

HyperLinq has decided to waive all subscription fees for all customers. The HyperTrader app is now 100% free. HyperLinq provides a free service to users to help them maximize their portfolio as effectively and efficiently as possible.

“Our commitment has never wavered. We will continue to add new features and deliver one of the most efficient and powerful trading terminals available,” said Kunal KumarCTO of HyperLinq.

About HyperLinq

HyperLing builds supercharged trading systems to help traders work more efficiently by creating a simple yet powerful and fast trading terminal for crypto. Thousands of merchants around the world use Hyper Trader. HyperLinq, headquartered in Austinis on a mission to develop technology that provides easy access to global markets and to provide tools that allow everyone to invest effectively in these markets.


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