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part two.

The soap opera “Pogba” continues its journey, with a new video of Mathias Pogba published this Tuesday evening. The big brother thus wanted to clarify certain gray areas, concerning his previous revelations, but also to give his version of the facts: “I notice that a lot of media have already decided that Paul’s statements are the ultimate truth, without even having to verifystarted one of the twins of the siblings, before continuing. Yes I know, some people laugh at the truth, out of fanaticism towards The Great Paul Pogba. » A statement as a prelude, to get rid of Paul’s legal troubles: “It was little Paul, panicked and ill-advised, who sent his soldiers in black robes. He [Paul] is the one who started to reveal things of himself. […] Because all of Paul’s remarks, from his hearing in early August to his lawyers’ response, are only intended to drag my name through the mud. »

A plea, therefore aimed at castigating the “occult” practices of Paul Pogba, without ever mentioning the accusations of attempted extortion, the main subject of the investigation: “So even if you don’t believe it, I am fighting for my life and the life of my family. […] This is because of my brother who, because of money and fame, lost his sense of reality a long time ago. […] Because these practices require you to do bad things for their rituals, with a will to harm. »

In the meantime, the “serious” investigation, that of the police, continues its course.


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