“I don’t have that pretension”… Disasi clarifies his daring expression on Messi and Neymar

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Thierry Henry himself was surprised by this on Prime Video, Axel Disasi, when analyzing Monaco’s good performance at the Parc des Princes, dropped a sentence that caused a stir afterwards: “We were able to contain Messi and Neymar in the pocket”.

No, Disasi didn’t put Messi and Neymar in his pocket

While Disasi is precisely in the sights of PSG for the last straight line of the Mercato, this statement suggesting that the Monegasque defense had put the Parisian stars in their pocket has put social networks in turmoil. Simple misunderstanding in reality since the “pocket” designated an area of ​​​​the field while Disasi delivered a real tactical analysis, as he confided to journalist Said Amdaa.

“When I say in the pocket, you have to know that it’s in the line space, not in the pocket (pocket) as people may think. They are very, very big players, I respect their career and their talent and I don’t have this pretension to say that I put them in my pocket, or whatever it is that we can read on Twitter or whatever. The pocket is the line spacing, it is the name given by the coach to the area where Messi and Neymar play. It was important to make this correction. »

to summarize

Last night, AS Monaco defender Axel Disasi dropped a confusing phrase about Messi and Neymar. Before clarifying things. No, the Monegasque defender did not want to say that he had put the stars in his pocket.

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