“I had done everything to get out of there”, a fourth complainant denounces the actions of the French

A new edifying testimony against Benjamin Mendy this Wednesday, as the third week of the trial of the former French international in the United Kingdom will soon come to an end. The jurors heard from a new complainant, the fourth, who described a rape at the player’s home in July 2021.

The young woman explained the circumstances of the alleged sexual assault: invited to spend the evening in the Mendy mansion, with three other women, she claims to have been pressed by the Frenchman to join him next to the swimming pool, then asking a friend who stayed upstairs to pick her up “in five or ten minutes”.

“As if I was talking to a wall”

“I didn’t really know what I was doing there, we were at the swimming pool then we went to his cinema. We ended up kissing and he pulled his pants down. I told him “I’m not doing anything”. He replied, “What do you mean? “I remember his way of speaking was quite direct and raw. He was like “all these women want to fuck with me”. I replied that I had just come for a drink, that I had only known him for three days, but it was like I was talking to a wall. I told him I was taking the pill to calm him down, but he didn’t mind. It’s like nothing bothers him.”

The complainant, stating that she was sober at the time of the events, then recounted having refused several times to perform oral sex. “I didn’t know what to do at the time, I had given every possible excuse to get out of this situation. I ended up having to give in, there was nothing else I could say or do. It was then that the victim said she had been raped: “I had to get on all fours. He was behind, with his hand on my back. I said no “. He replied “leave me alone”. It wasn’t long, within 20 seconds and it was over. The young woman added that she repeated several times: “I don’t want to do anything, I don’t want you. » To which Mendy would have replied: « it’s small, don’t worry ».

On her return to the top, she claims to have told her friend that “something had happened but not something she wanted”, the friend in question explaining to her while Louis Saha Matturie and another person present the prevented them from coming down to see what was going on. During the days that followed, the complainant confided that she felt “dirty”, “ashamed”, adding that she did not even want to “touch herself in the shower” and that she was “too scared” at the idea of ​​filing a complaint. Which she will do once after learning of Benjamin Mendy’s arrest on similar charges.

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