If Elon Musk did not want to buy Twitter, it is because of the 3rd World War

It’s not because of the bots that Elon Musk no longer wants to buy Twitter.

Elon Musk is not done with Twitter. After his takeover proposal at the beginning of the summer, the eccentric billionaire had finally backtracked, before officially canceling the sale. In question: the revelations concerning the number of bots existing on the social network. Obviously, this turnaround did not really please investors, who are demanding large sums of money as financial compensation.

However, Twitter has not said its last word. If the subject of bots has been widely mentioned by the businessman to justify his withdrawal from the sale, the company with the blue logo believes that fake accounts do not constitute a valid reason to cancel the sale. All the more so since this argument would in reality only be a facade.

The 3rd World War as a new argument

According to Twitter, it is not the bots that scare Elon Musk in his takeover of Twitter, but rather the world political situation. The company, which has lost a lot of money on the stock market since the start of the affair, has just unveiled a SMS sent by the billionaire to his banker a few weeks after the takeover was announced. We discover that the subject of false accounts is in fact only a pretext. “Let’s slow down for a few days. Putin’s speech tomorrow is extremely important. It wouldn’t make sense to buy Twitter if we’re heading into World War III“.

Brandie by Twitter this week, on the occasion of a judicial hearing supposed to rule on the possible postponement of the trial scheduled for October, this new piece brought to the file would be proof that the boss of Tesla was more worried about the global economic situation rather than the number of fake accounts on Twitter. However, a lie on the number of bots of the blue bird could have constituted a defect of procedure, but that of the financial interest does not pass. If he refuses to acquire Twitter, Elon Musk may have to pay hefty compensation. A billion dollars is at stakenot to mention any damages that the firm could recover in the case.

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