In Alsace, a “travelling bistro” tours small villages

Since August 1, Clément Nicaud, 27, from Fegersheim, has been traveling through the villages of the canton of Erstein in his traveling bistro, the first of its kind in Alsace. Every evening, he settles in the center of a town – which no longer has a bar or a restaurant. It will thus shoot in eight different municipalities.

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That night he parked his customized green truck in front of the church of Witternheim, under the delighted eyes of Gilbert, a village elder: “I love this color ! It brings back memories. The butchers who passed through the village, they had stuff like that, it worked! But now it’s all over!

I hope it will resume“, replies Clément with a smile. He installs tables and chairs for about forty peopleand sells beer, tartes flambées and planchettes, nothing but Alsatian products.

Clément is helped by his girlfriend to make the tartes flambées and serve, and he really needs it © Radio France
Luc Dreosto

We have become dormitory villagesregrets Pascal, who is enjoying a beer. It lacks a bit, in the summer, to have a place to sit with friends for a drink. But I understand that a restaurant cannot necessarily operate all week in a village like ours. While there, the fact that he comes every other week, it will drain the world“, he hopes.

Clément tours with his bar-truck in eight Alsatian towns
Clément tours with his bar-truck in eight Alsatian towns © Radio France
Luc Dreosto

Former commercial at TF1, Clément Nicaud had had enough of the routine subway work sleep in Paris. And he does not regret his conversion to “itinerant bistro.“His bar-truck knows a success he had not expected.

He was particularly overwhelmed on the first evening in Limersheim – 600 inhabitants, a hundred guests : “I prepared tartes flambées for three hours non-stop, with my arm glued to the oven. At the end of the evening, I had blisters, burns all over my arm, I didn’t even realize it! It’s the job that comes in.”

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