In Lille, Koboon and El Riadh junior were closed for major hygiene problems

Uncleanliness, dirt, mould, rodent droppings… These are some of the reasons that have caused several establishments in Lille to close in recent days. This is the Koboon Thai restaurant, which has only been open for a few months just next to the Grand-Place, a bakery located in Fives: Madeleine, from its name. Finally, the kebab El Riadh junior (rue de Puebla) was also forced to suspend its activity for the same reasons.

A disastrous picture in terms of hygiene »: these are the words used by the city of Lille to describe the current situation of certain food establishments. They are three to have been forced to close their kitchens and their doors, either by the municipal services or by the prefecture, all following health checks with catastrophic results.

First Koboon, a “refined Thai street food” restaurant, which landed next to the Grand-Place in May this year. The report is rather alarming: dirt, dirt, mould, rodent droppings, but that’s not all. It would seem that there is no respect for hygiene rules concerning the cleanliness of fridges, employee clothing, kitchens and places.

Also pointed out: concerns about the traceability of products, the presence of spoiled meat, and rodents. And to top it off, we learn that some employees slept at night in the establishment and used the sanitary facilities intended for customers to wash. Conclusion: 27 “heavy” points need to be corrected before considering a reopening.

dead rodents

Also affected by a closure imposed by the municipal services of the city of Lille: the Madeleine bakery, rue Pierre-Legrand in Fives, which also serves as a sandwich shop. “Soiling, dirty cold room, lack of hygiene, rodent droppings“, even outright presence of some of them dead, the finding is clear.

Finally, a third establishment is closed for an indefinite period: the kebab El Riadh Junior, which is located rue de Puebla in the Masséna sector. This time, it is a prefectural decree which dates from August 20. To sum up, these are two problems that have been highlighted: that of the lack of hygiene once again, and the unauthorized sale of cigarettes.

These three brands will only be able to reopen once all the shortcomings have been corrected. To be continued.

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