In Morbihan, why does the dog Nemo come back… tagged at home?

Nemo came home tagged.
Nemo came home tagged. ©David Pelletier

Nemo, a 14-year-old Jack Russell, would it bother some residents of Bieuzy-Lanvaux, located in the town of Pluvigner, in Morbihan? A few days ago, his master, David, saw him come home… tagged! “The other time, he had received two pellets in the thigh. And another day he had two notches on the side ».

Lead in the thigh!

This time, it’s too much for this truck driver who sees red! ” This is animal abuse! ». His wife went to the gendarmerie file a complaint. “And there, they even defined this act in writing as cruelty”.

No meaning could be found on the tag “which looks like nothing. It is gratuitous wickedness and above all, the perpetrator(s) lack the courage to attack an animal”.

Because Nemo is well known in the village. The man whom some even call “the mayor” has always used to take a leisurely stroll.

He is appreciated by all, has never shown an ounce of aggression towards anyone, a human or another animal! Alone, the sofa at home took for its rank. He is even afraid of some cats! »

David, the owner of Nemo.

The little dog thus goes from house to house, having even become school children mascot who pass him in the yard.

So who can bother to the point of making his Turkish face out of it? To the point of inflicting such acts of abuse. “In any case, if he poses a problem for someone, that person comes to see me. I only ask that and we will find a solution”, insists its owner who remains flabbergasted in front of so much wickedness.

“It is certainly a reflection of our society. People can’t stand anything anymore and show aggression. And it’s even more obvious since the Covid, ”considers David.

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This is why he also wished denounce these acts on social networks. “History that whoever did this, think a little. The gendarmes told us that he would risk 3 to 5 years in prison and a fine of 45 to 75,000 euros. If he is found, I will not take this money; I would give it to an association that works for the animal cause”.

Nemo, here with his master David.
Nemo, here with his master David. ©David Pelletier.

“Leave him alone!” »

In the meantime, David must keep a closer eye than usual on his companion.

He has already had two herniated discs. He is old and nearing the end of his life. Let him be. I don’t understand this relentlessness.

Even if for Nemo’s master, it would have no connection, “the cat of one of my neighbors also came home with its back all green and they had put a rubber band to bend its tail! »

There is no doubt that this case now makes a lot of noise in the small village of Bieuzy-Lanvaux. Nemo, he hopes to be able to continue to do his regular little tour without suffering new persecutions.

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