In Peru, freezing temperatures threaten animals

WEATHER – It’s a whole different season facing South America. Far from the heat wave suffered in France and other regions of the world, Peru, which will enter winter on June 21, is already recording extreme freezing temperatures of -21°C. A cold that directly threatens animals, as you can see in the video at the top of the article.

Apart from the fact that the ground is frozen and that they cannot feed themselves properly, the cattle simply struggle to resist this cold which can prove to be deadly. For their part, the farmers feel neglected by the government, working to find makeshift solutions to protect their livestock. “It’s sad that in our country, in Peru, we don’t have any kind of government assistance,” said Abelardo Paucar, a Peruvian breeder at the microphone of Latina Noticias.

To avoid losing his animals, the farmer in the region of Junín, in the center of the country, uses blankets in particular to protect his cattle.

Peru’s National Meteorological Service has issued snow alerts and warned of a sharp drop in temperatures, especially in Andean areas. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the South American country was -28.2°C, in August 2003.

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