In Puymoyen, the inn transformed into a gastro table

The couple took the time to realize their dream. There, in Charente, where they both grew up. Mickaël Clautour was Philippe Lhomme’s second at Cheval Blanc, in Luxé, then worked, still as second at Sources de Fontbelle, alongside starred chef Guillaume Veyssière. Before that, “We went to Australia in 2018 to improve our English, then to Hong Kong, in a restaurant run by the two-star French chef Maxime Gilbert”, continues Laura Legeay. The demonstrations for democracy in the peninsula and the covid have clipped their wings. “We decided to return to Charente”, says Mickaël Clautour.

Quality over quantity

The opportunity to get started presented itself at the beginning of the year with the sale of the Auberge des Rochers de Puymoyen, of which they bought the fund and will become the owners of the buildings in three years. “We have redone everything since the 1er June “, slips the couple by making the turn of the owner. With the exception of the electricity and plumbing, the layout of the kitchen, open to the main room, they redid everything with family and loved ones.

The result is successful in the two dining rooms where the exposed beams have been preserved above warm-coloured walls and a thick carpet on the floor. The terrace is still there at the back of the building. “We will limit ourselves to 25 seats per service, whether we use the terrace or not”says Laura Legeay, who redesigned the premises to her liking.

It’s a project that we had in mind for years.

Twenty-five covers because for Mickaël Clautour, ” my baby “ as Philippe Lhomme describes it, there is no question of quantity, but of betting on quality, with three menus at 26, 44 and 68€. Gastro table requires. Another stated desire of the couple: to work with local producers “with whom the current passes”. As he did with the craftsmen who intervened on the renovation site. “Bread from Montboyer, pork from Torsac, coffee from Gensac-la-Pallue, Poget oysters from La Tremblade, and for vegetables, we turn to the vegetable garden next door”lists the cook who is also in contact with cattle farmers.

On the wine list, Laura Legeay will offer around fifty references in the dining room, “with a preference for small producers, if possible set up in biodynamics” and Charentais spirits.

To start, Laura Legeay and Mickaël Clautour will be supported by two people in the kitchen and one in the dining room. Already present on social networks (Facebook and Instagram), Aumi will also quickly set up a website.

Restaurant Aumi, 6 chemins des Rochers in Puymoyen. Such.

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