In Quimper, the Corniguel SPA makes an update – Quimper

In 45 minutes, the Facebook post was liked more than 220 times, on Sunday August 28. On its page, the SPA du Corniguel, in Quimper, wanted to make a “clarification”. Especially on opening hours. “It’s 2 to 5 p.m., except Tuesdays when we’re closed all day. We thank you for not granting you the right to open the gate in the morning, at noon, at 1:45 p.m.! Please do not come at 4:55 p.m. hoping to leave with an animal. An adoption does not happen in five minutes. In the morning, we are cleaning the catteries, the kennels, caring for the animals and administration”.

No matter where you go, we’re sure you don’t force open the door

The reason for this update? “We can no longer see people coming down outside opening hours to “be the first to have this dog”, “to get information because I had seen a kitten that I liked and saw that you are there I take advantage of it”, “leave your dog at the gate if we don’t take it”! Wherever you go, we’re sure you don’t force the door open…”.

Employees and volunteers continue: “In addition, our job does not allow you to insult us, threaten us, discriminate against us! Summer has been rough, our patience has limits, we remain polite with you, do the same! Mutual respect is key!”.

And to conclude: […] We are human beings working with living things. So yes sometimes the wait is long, yes sometimes the animal you wanted does not suit you, yes sometimes we are tired! […] We can’t multiply to make you wait less, we can’t take your dog you don’t want anymore because we don’t have any more places. We will add that we are not the pound. Looking forward to welcoming you, advising you and collecting your donations on our opening hours, in joy and good humor!

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