In the Lucullus kitchen with chef Alban Galpin

A cookery workshop at the Lucullus in Montmorillon provided an opportunity to discover French gastronomy with the restaurant’s chef, Alban Galpin.

Since he took the reins of the kitchen of the restaurant Le Lucullus Montmorillon in 2010, chef Alban Galpin has been keen to carry the colors of French gastronomy high. This was the case on June 30, when he was present in Copenhagen (Denmark) with another great French chef to prepare the meal offered to the hundred journalists accredited to follow the Tour de France the day before the start of the race. This was again the case in the afternoon of Monday August 22 when, taking his day off, he led a cooking class at the request of the Sud-Vienne Poitou tourist office. This animation is one of twenty-six that we have offered throughout the summer.says Benjamin Santiago, deputy director of Sud-Vienne Poitou, they aim to make people discover the territory, its different products, and to highlight local talents.

Discover the current kitchen

This premiere at the Lucullus was a great success. The workshop was limited to six people for obvious space reasons, with many people unsuccessfully put on a waiting list. After a short tour of the kitchen, during which Alban Galpin insisted on the draconian rules of hygiene, he invited the participants to prepare a dish. On the menu, Veal sweetbreads glazed with Sauternes and honey from Mme Barbarin de Saint-Savin. The dessert, a macaroon base with mousseline cream whipped with butter and raspberries from Ferme Rilleuse Jouhet, was prepared on the advice of Adlade Deguil, the young pastry cook at Lucullus, barely 22 years old. The kitchen has evolvedexplained the chef, we work more and more with local products according to arrivals, this also allows us to develop the menu. Among the participants, Francine Fumoleau, who worked 35 years in the kitchen in the private sector. I know the basics, but I wanted to discover current cuisine, new ways of preparing and presenting dishes. The same motivation for Ninon Piolet, 16 years old and from L’Isle-Jourdain, who is going to enter the second year of cooking at the Kyoto Poitiers hotel school. I also hope that this workshop will perhaps give me the opportunity to do an internship with chef Alban Galpin.

Last activity offered by Sud-Vienne Poitou: this Wednesday August 24, from 2 to 4 p.m., fishing on the banks of the Benaize (meeting place de la Libert La Trimouille). Registration at

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