Iran: walking your dog in parks and green spaces is now prohibited

A law prohibits walking your pet in parks and green spaces in Iran. Iranians are even encouraged to report offenders to the police.

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Walking your dog in public parks and green spaces is now against the law in Iran, said Tuesday the police chief of Tehran who also invited his fellow citizens to report offenders to the police.

A measure considered excessive

Islamic Republic law enforcement has declared war on dog owners. The population is also invited to report to the police any animal that disturbs the tranquility in residential areas, reports the information portal Khabar-Online.

Taking your dog to the park and green spaces has therefore been officially prohibited since last month in Iran. The authorities thus intend to reinforce the feeling of security within the population. Dog owners have so far failed to comply with the measure, which they consider excessive, as have animal rights activists.

Towards a ban on keeping a pet?

A bill relating to the prohibition of the possession and sale of pets was also on the table of the Iranian parliament last November, reports the websiteIran International. According to this proposal, anyone selling, importing or keeping pets is liable to a fine of 790 euros. In mid-July, parliament was considering a proposal that would require dog owners to apply for permits.

In Shia Iran, pets are not well regarded, especially among the more religious segment of society. Man’s best friend is thus considered “unclean” in Islam and is also said to be a symbol of “Westernization” as the number of pets continues to increase both in cities and in campaigns in recent years as well as the number of veterinary stores and clinics.

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